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A Deep Gentle Clean For Your Carpet

Based in Chelsea and Clinton, Dr Rug Cleaning NYC offers high-quality carpet cleaning and installation at affordable prices. We understand how great carpets are and why they’re such a popular choice with our clients - they’re soft, comfortable and warm. But if you don’t take care of them, they really will start to look dirty. Especially in high-traffic areas, grime and soil will build up, not to mention dust mites and allergens. You might not be able to see them but they’re definitely there - affecting your carpet and affecting your health.

Our carpet cleaning techniques use a “deep down” technique which extracts soil and dirt you never imagined existed. And we use advanced, commercial grade equipment and green, eco-friendly products because we think you deserve a non-toxic environment for you and your family.

At Doctor Rug Cleaning NYC, we’ve been in business over two decades, with thousands of satisfied customers, both residential and commercial, across NY to prove it. Our primary aim is to give you the best service possible - we don’t want to match your expectations, we want to exceed them!

Powerful Machinery for a Deep Clean

Our gentle but powerful cleaning method involves the following steps...

Inspection - our technician will ask you some questions about your carpet’s age and condition to work out how it should be cared for.

Power vacuum - we use a powerful vacuum, to shake loose dirt and grime from the fibers, as well as allergens and dust mites. .

Pre-treatment - a non-toxic conditioning spot and stain removing product will then be applied. This is excellent for dealing with pet urine, red wine and coffee stains.

Deep cleaning - using our hot water extraction method, and industrial machinery, your carpet will then be deep cleaned.

Comprehensive Carpet Installation Service

We also provide our customers in Chelsea, Clinton and NYC with a comprehensive carpet installation service - furniture and door removal, installing the tackless seams. laying the carpet, trimming it and stapling seams.

So pick up the phone now for a free no-obligation quote and to find out how we can help yout. We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work too - for your peace of mind.

Doctor Rug Cleaning NYC - For All of Your Rug Needs in Clinton and Chelsea!

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Two Water Tanks For a Deep Clean

At Doctor Rug Cleaning, we use high-quality industrial machinery because we know that only powerful tools go really deep enough for a thorough clean. Every machine we use has two separate water tanks. The first sprays clean hot water on your carpet whilst the second extracts the dirty water. The fact that these two tanks never mix really improves the quality of the clean, reaching deep into the carpet fibers.

The machine is also calibrated to determine the specific water pressure, according to your carpet’s material and condition.

After deep cleaning, we groom the carpet, straighten the fringes, align the pile and check that it looks good and smells fresh. It will go through one final inspection before we leave.

A few hours later, it will be ready to walk on once more.

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