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Rug Cleaning Is What We Do Best

We’ve been working with rugs for over two decades, and offer both our residential and commercial clients in Clinton, Chelsea and NYC comprehensive rug cleaning, repair and restoration services.

We work with all kinds or rugs - Persian, Chinese, Native American and Flat Weave Kilim are just a few of them. Whether your piece is handmade or made or synthetic fibers, we know how to clean it. From silk to cotton to wool to nylon, you can leave it with us, safe in the knowledge that it will come back in fine shape.

Every Rug Needs Expert Care

We know that your area rug is your pride and joy, whether it’s a valuable investment, a family heirloom or a special gift, We also know that area rugs add a certain style and panache to any space. That’s why they need to be kept in optimum condition, ideally with professional cleaning on a regular basis. We use only expert staff who are familiar with the best techniques, as well as eco-friendly cleaning solutions which are delicate on the material.

Repair and Restoration To Give Your Rug A Whole New Look

Any rug, over time, will suffer from wear and tear, especially if it’s placed in a high-traffic area. These problems involve dirt and grime accumulation, color fading, fringe issues and staining. Luckily, we are here. We know how to give your rug proper TLC because our staff are trained in all kinds of restoration and repair techniques.

Moreover, when you choose to have your rug restored or repaired at Doctor Rug Cleaning NYC, cleaning is included in the price. For us, the most important thing is your satisfaction...we know that happy customers will return to us and that’s what we want.

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Say Goodbye to Dirt, Grime and Stains

Once your rug has arrived at our facility, it will go through the following process: :
Inspection - our staff member will check its condition, to make sure it gets exactly the right treatment
Dusting - grime, dust particles, allergens and soil will be shaken out, courtesy of a powerful dusting
Cleaning - we use two different methods - either dry cleaning or deep immersion technique. We use green, non-toxic products either way. With dry cleaning, your rug will be cleaned and then rinsed with minimal water then patted it dry With the deep immersion method, it will be placed in a shallow water pool, and washed with care. Both ways make sure that red wine, coffee, grease and dirt stains are removed.
Drying - the rug is then put in a climate controlled, humidity free room so it can dry quickly. This stops mold and mildew from forming.
Touch Up - we give it a final inspection, grooming it, aligning the pile and making sure the fringe is straightened

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